Tablet PCs – A Writer’s Infinite Desktop (Part I of V)

May 16, 2008

Convertible Tablet PC in tablet modeIf you rely on your local Best Buy when purchasing a computer or you’re a Mac user, chances are you’ve never even heard of a Tablet PC (TPC).  Mac users aren’t completely out of luck and I’ll speak to that later in Part IV of this five-part series. TPCs are however godsends for the vertical markets they apply to, and I believe writers are one of them, if only they knew the advantages.

What is a Tablet PC? In short, a Tablet PC is a computer that allows for a third input device – a digitizer. We’re all familiar with the keyboard and mouse for inputting information into our computers. But what about a digitizer? A digitizer is used like a pencil or pen and allows the user to draw directly on the screen producing “digital ink”.  A TPC allows for all three – keyboard, mouse, and digitizer.

What’s in it for the writer? Organization and mobility, that’s what.  Doesn’t matter whether you’re a screenwriter or a novelist, Tablet PCs allow for the convenience of writing and storing all your notes in one place within a mobile platform.

Writers write…everywhere.  Coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, the beach, sunny hillsides, between soccer games, carpool lines, on the couch, on planes, trains and automobiles – you name it, the world is our playground!  So a mobile platform can be our best friend and an exceptional tool for time management and productivity.

Mobility Tablet PCs are “the” mobile platform. Three essentials make it so…Light weight, long battery life, and WiFi.  Newer models even have WiLan allowing internet access wherever you get cell phone reception (with the proper cellular data plan, of course).

Fujitsu t4020 in tablet modeTime Management & Productivity Organization = better time management and increased productivity.  The second most important thing we do as writers is take notes and research information.  If you’re like me (before I discovered the TPC) your notes were scattered amongst the newspapers, magazines and books cluttering your desk. That all stopped the day I purchased my first Tablet PC.  What if you’re writing a biography, and your notes consists of voice recordings?  The TPC is perfect, because within Microsoft’s OneNote (kind of like an infinite notepad), you can record and store audio files, as well.


  • Never run out of paper or ink
  • All your notes, research and writing in one place
  • Light and portable
  • Import website research
  • Record audio (great for interviews)


  • More expensive than a regular laptop
  • Smaller screen size (on avg. 12-inch screens)
  • If you’re a Mac user, it is primarily a PC platform


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