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May 22, 2008


Got Writer’s Bump?
That’s the ugly piece of skin that sits up like a pillow on your middle finger – the all-pervading callus of writers.  If you use a pen on a daily basis or conduct long journal writing, you know what I’m talking about.  The “comfort factor” in pen technology has seen little advancement in technology since the Sensa, and lefties are always out of luck.  Until now…

Introducing Yoropen 
Winning multiple awards, the Yoropen is all about changing the angle where the pen meets the paper, requiring less pressure. The result after 300 plus handwritten words…ahhh, oooh, cool.  Color choices run the gamut (pink, blue, black green, etc) and price ranges from Standard/$3.00 – Executive/$55. Yep, they’ve got mechanical pencils and crayon Yoropens too!  This technology is not only ideal for writers but great for children just learning to put pen to pad, as the design encourages proper grip and technique.  


  •  Great for Lefties & Righties
  •  Relieves Cramping & Calluses
  •  Lots of Color Choices
  •  Perfect for Long Fingernails
  •  Great for Children
  •  Affordable

USA folks find more info here.  Around the world go here.

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Ellen South May 23, 2008 at 11:06 am

I have it and I love it! Great pen.

Also totally loving where this blog is going. I’m a writer and certified geek. I frequent tech sites and constantly see writers asking the question, “How does this gadget apply to me?”, especially when it comes to computers like your tablet articles. So keep it up, this is great!


Mark September 25, 2008 at 11:54 pm

Sadly the website of Yoropen is a joke. The lack of information makes it impossible to figure out what the pen does and does not do, what materials each is made of, and if it’s disposable or refillable. Even more annoying is every link opens a new window. After the third new window I moved on.

Some of the sites that sell the pen, give slightly more information; but little that is usable. Many even contradict each other. I am continually amazed at how poorly most on-line sales sites are built.

I was considering getting a couple of the less expensive pens to try out. However, further research shows them to be a $12 (yes you can find them for less at dealers whose reputations are unknown) disposable pen (or pencil). I think not. If they are not disposable, then the company needs to get it’s dealers in line. The fact that some sites say they are, and some say they are not means the company does not have it’s act together.

Another good idea that no doubt will be killed by management stupidity. Even sadder is that it might even be due to laziness. A company expecting it’s dealers to do what the company should be doing is sad.


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