LitCentral Founders Attend SID 2008 Conference

May 29, 2008

Multi Touch Screen

The Society for Information Display (SID) 2008 Conference was hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year, and LitCentral was there to check out the latest in display technology.

What does SID mean for writers?

SID is a collective gathering of companies around the world dedicated to improving the way information is displayed. Yes, that would include kiosk displays, cell phones, TVs,  3D and 4D graphics, etc. but it also comprises e-readers, e-books, Tablet PCs and flexible displays.  The latter are technologies LitCentral is interested in with regard to the marketing, reading and analyzing of screenplays and manuscripts.

In a perfect world every writer who ever wrote anything would at least get the chance to be read…to be considered.  There are over 100,000 screenplays submitted to the entertainment industry annually, and manuscripts are at least 10 x that amount for the publishing industry.  Execs are inundated, and because most are still using antiquated methods to read and analyze submissions there are less and less new writers that make it through the pipeline.

The good news is entertainment and publishing professionals are slowly adopting technology to streamline their workflow.  Acclimating to technologies such as e-paper means these professionals can efficiently transport and read these literary assets.  And with advanced software (cough…LitCentral…cough) they can better analyzing and critique a writer’s work on their way to discovering the next blockbuster or NY Times Best Seller.  This means more writers will get through the pipeline, more writers will get the opportunity to be read…to be considered.  Screenplays will move from collecting dust on the credenzas of Hollywood to being always at the fingertips of she-who-can-say-yes. And that’s a good thing.

Check back for articles discussing writers and e-paper technologies.

Pics from SID 2008

Google Earth and a 52" Full HD Multi Touch Display


Polymer Vision – The Readius – A Rolling Display


Iliad’s IRex eReader

LG Display – Multi Touch Screen

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Coke44 May 30, 2008 at 6:43 pm

Geek paradise for writers. I’m totally stoked about this blog

Cover the Kindle!!!


Robin June 4, 2008 at 5:22 pm

Hi Coke44

I will be doing an overall review of eReaders. I can’t offer a hands-on review because although the Kindle was at SID 2008, there was a total Kindle hog who happened to be inspecting the gadget while we were there and wouldn’t put it down. LOL! Oh well, it’s good to see enthusiasm over tech devices.


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