WordPress Blogging with the BlackBerry

June 2, 2008

OperaSince we don’t post multiple times a day here at the Founders’ Blog, there’s no reason to create articles from our mobile device.  However, we do filter comments to ward off spammers.  WordPress does a great job of letting us know via email when a comment has been posted so we can get your comments up ASAP. However, using the BlackBerry default browser can be difficult when accessing the WP admin dashboard and some have found it impossible. 

Opera Mini
When I first put Opera Mini browser on my BlackBerry I thought it was neat to have, but I didn’t plan on surfing the web too much because the claustrophobic screen size makes me gasp for air. Now that Founder’s Blog is up and rolling, I am lovin’ Opera Mini. It really is one of the better mobile operating systems on the market, and the latest 4.1 release is even better. Did I mention it’s free?

If you use Opera Mini you really don’t need any special plugins to access your WordPress blog remotely.  Bookmark yourblog/wp-admin and use this awesome mobile browser to edit, authorize or even create posts and articles.  If your BB has multimedia capabilities and you need to post pics, then you’re really set to go.

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