A Look at eReaders

June 9, 2008


Here’s an eco-friendly tidbit about eReaders.  If the eReader had been developed 10 years earlier it could have saved 6 million trees just for Harry Potter Books alone. SID had eReaders galore on display at their 2008 conference and the founders of LitCentral were privy to an unusual hands-on experience with the top sellers.  No matter the brand, eReaders have a few things in common.

  • Paperlike readability, a good resolution in sunlight.
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Books, newspapers and magazines can be downloaded
    • Screenplays? Manuscripts?
  • Eco-friendly

Current and Future Applications for Advanced Technology Displays

  • e-Reader
  • Laptop Sideviews
  • Display SmartCards
  • e-Signage
  • Mobile Phones
  • MP3 Players
  • PC Accessories
  • Electronic Dictionaries
  • eReaders

Reading comes with the territory if you are a writer, and for avid readers eReaders can be a dream comes true.  How great is it to not have to choose which books you “might” want to read on vacation or at the coffee shop?  Load them all in one device and off you go!

LitCentral is excited about the many possibilities of eReading as it relates to the reading and transport of screenplays and manuscripts.  However, this article will focus 95% on how eReaders relate to those who just love to read.

If you read 10 or so books a year, you will not reap the economic benefits of eReaders. However, for those of you who constantly have a book in hand and a stack you can’t wait to get to, you should seriously consider eReaders. 

eBooks (electronic version of a book) are what you download into eReaders. They are cheaper than purchasing the hardcover at a bookstore, but only a tad less expensive than paperbacks. For example the hardcover of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth will run you about $24.95 vs. $12 for the electronic version. 

Pros of eReading
• Eco-friendly
• Lower cost
• Mobility
• Library at your fingertips
• Easy on the eyes

Cons of eReading
• No sharing of books
• No reselling
• Lacks the allure of a home library
• You break it, you break your library

Brands to Consider

We had an opportunity to take a closer look at eReaders during our attendance at the SID 2008 Conference.  Fortunately for us all six of the current eReaders on the market were all gathered under one booth – EּInk, the OEM that creates the Vizplex displays for eReaders manufactured by Sony, iRex, Amazon, etc. 

Most eReader functionality, size and weight are very similar across the board.  You can delve deeper by clicking on the links below for eReaders available to the US market. 

Sony – Reader Digital Book ($299)

iRex – iLiad ($599) 


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