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June 12, 2008

You’ve just started a new writing project which requires you do a lot of internet research. Or maybe you’re planning a trip that will be the inspiration for your next screenplay.  You could save all the helpful web pages you come across in your research in a Favorites Folder, or bookmark them,  but that’s so…1988. All that provides you with is a link.   You need a smart tool that allows you to surf the web gathering blocks of text, images, links within the web pages, etc., and you want all this info stored in one place – accessible from any computer. Oh yeah, and free would be good.  Sheesh, you writers are so demanding! Well lucky for you, Google has created Notebook.  

With Google Notebook you can browse, clip, organize and store information from  the web in a single location. All the tools are provided for you inside of your browser, if you download the browser extension for either Firefox or Internet Explorer. You simply select text and images and Notebook provides a couple ways to copy and paste the info inside the web app.

Getting Started
…requires you have a Gmail account.  That’s free too and offers you over 6GB of storage – insanely generous. Click the “more…” link at the top of your Gmail and from there you’ll be able to access a suite of Google products, including Notebook. 

You can also add notes to your research! Woot! I love technology.  Need to collaborate on this project?  No problem, Notebook has sharing features built in for just this purpose. Those Google Geeks think of everything. For more info go to Notebook FAQs.


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