Best Ergonomic Chairs for Writers

June 16, 2008


Grahl Synchron 5

Grahl Synchron 5

UPDATE: Videos – Best Ergonomic Chairs for Writers 

UPDATE 2: Refreshed Article December 5th 2008 with better links and more chairs. Plus, check out the all new Embody chair by Herman Miller.

This article has become so popular that we are going to continue to update it and post the updated links on the Home page, linking back to the original article. Godspeed in your search for the perfect chair!


Every writer should invest in two things – good computer equipment and a great chair.  Forget the desk. A desk just holds stuff.  I don’t care if you use two barrels and slab of oak to create a desk. As long as the height is conducive to your body type. 

It’s 2008 and people find themselves sitting in front of a computer all day long, including writers. Unfortunately, proper seating can be the last thing writers think about.  You pick the cheapest or the prettiest chair from your local IKEA or office supply store and you live to regret it.  Invest in your health and give your body the proper support it needs to create that blockbuster!

Things to consider when buying a chair:

  • Free range of adjustable motion (height, seat, back, arms)
  • Upper and lower lumbar support (executive series)
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Durable material (it’s a long-term investment)




Depending upon your budget, a good ergonomic chair can be a major investment. Expect to pay $500 + for unbelievable comfort. Too rich for your blood?  If you know the chair you want check eBay and Craig’s List.  You can find a descent supply of Herman Miller – Aeron chairs in both places.  Lots of businesses use these sites to liquidate so you can often find some super deals. Set out with the attitude that you’re going to find the perfect chair for the perfect price…and you will.

Top-of-the-line  Ergonomic Chairs


Neutral Posture 

Freedom Executive Chair

Grahl Synchron Series

Herman Miller – Aeron

Ergonomic Chair Suppliers

Your best bet is to try the chair before you buy it.  Look online first, and find the model within your budget and suitable to your needs. Next, contact the website and ask for local suppliers within your area.  If they offer free shipping and a money back guarantee, you might consider purchasing directly online.

Relax the Back (nationwide)

HealthyBack (8 state locations)

Ergostore Online

Ergonomic Chair Pro (Spoke directly with ECP – These folks love what they do!)

All New Embody Chair by Herman Miller 

Back in 1994 a chair icon was born with the Aeron series.  No doubt you've seen them everywhere.  Jump cut to 2008 and you'll see it's taken 14 years for the geniuses at Herman Miller to create their own rival – The Embody chair. This could be the most innovative chair on the market to date. It conforms, it breathes, it bends, it does everything but write the check.  If you've had the chance to make its acquaintance feel free to post a comment.


The New Embody by Herman Miller 


Aeron by Herman Miller  



Ergohuman CU9ERG


Steelcase Think 

Neutral Posture 8000 Series 





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