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June 23, 2008

Sometimes it’s a passerby or an advertisement in a magazine or possibly a newspaper article that inspire your next story idea. Story ideas often start out as a tiny seed in ones mind. A book, an event, or even one’s life story can also inspire them.

Because blogging has become so popular, idea generators are sprouting up all over the internet.  These idea generators help bloggers with ideas about which to write. However, these generators are yet another useful tech tool for writers.

Idea Generators

Random Logline Generator – throws out random scenarios that once expanded upon could be the next logline for your screenplay. Example: A guitarist, a district attorney, and a father start a homeless shelter.

The Story Starter – provides 345,935,040 creative ideas. Example: The hard-working draftsman struck the match in the hidden room to unearth the real reason.

Imagination Prompt – asks you questions or prompts you to complete a thought. 

Creative Writing Prompts – offers 302 instant writing prompts.

Random Idea Generator – throws a random list of words at you with each click. 

Creative Bits – offers a unique web 2.0 tool that groups three random words that are usually not associated.  Example: Battery Operated – Destructive – Toy

Update: 6/27/08

As we come upon more idea generators we will add to the list. If you know of any that you really like please comment or email and we’ll update the list.

Archetype Writing’s Plot Scenario Generator

Wordsmiths’ Random Title Generator 

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