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September 22, 2008

There’s a lot to be written about screenwriting competitions.  Like anything else, some are worth the effort, others are a waste of time and a handful are downright scams – which is a topic for another article. On the menu today is MovieBytes which has collected 285 screenwriting contests for your consideration.

This website has made it easy for screenwriters to find the contests that best suit their needs.  The best part about this database, aside from the fact that it’s free, is the advanced search capabilities. You can sort by deadline, rating, professionalism, feedback, significance etc.  Delve even further and sort through student contests, TV contests, shorts, international, no-entry-fee, etc.

Life Goes On
My advice is to set a budget aside for contests ($150+) and pick a few that best suit your current script.  Do not use contests for feedback – that’s what coverage or script analysis is for.  Enter and proceed with LIFE.  Don’t sit idle and watch the mail/email every single day. Start your next script. A screenwriting career could take 10 months or 10 years, it all depends on what you’re attracting.

Second Place Prize – Free Screenwriting Software! 
Personally, I think giving free screenwriting software to one who has obviously already used some sort of software to create the very masterpiece they entered is cheap and absurd.  If you do land amongst the top entries cash is a sweet ROI, but it’s never a life-altering amount. What you really want is a guarantee that your script will be read by top production companies and agencies while garnering the attention it deserves.

Ready, Set…
During the first round of a competition it’s weed-out time.  Readers are looking for a reason to eliminate your script before they get to page 30.  Make sure your script is polished, edited and formatted correctly.  If the printer ink is still wet DO NOT SUBMIT!

Caveat Emptor
Make certain to thoroughly check out the contest before cutting a check.  MovieBytes is just the messenger, so don’t expect that every competition listed is legitimate.  Check out the feedback offered. If you’ve had experience with contests in the past you can give back to the MovieBytes’ community by using their Report Card.  Select the contest(s) and let the world know what you think about your experience. 

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