In the Spirit of Halloween –

October 2, 2008

FrankensteinDoes your next premise include monsters?

Fiction writers and horror screenwriters alike will get a kick out of – the largest site about monsters.  On the web now for 10 years, Monstrous offers a huge repository of monster information from classical, to legendary, to modern creatures.   Just about every category is covered: aliens, demons, dragons, vampires, ghosts, witches, zombies, etc. This online community has forums, galleries and videos to get even the most banal writer juiced with ideas.

The Evolution of the Library

The internet is evolving the human race with its point-and-click access to an abysmal myriad of information. is yet another example of what I love about technology and writing. 

Jump back to the 70’s and 80’s era where topics of interests were often discovered by schlepping a boatload of books home from the library after spending the entire afternoon scouring bookshelves and scanning microfiche. THE FLIPPING COPY MACHINE IS OUT OF ORDER! 

Back to my center of peace…  It’s places like where you point-and-click and suddenly your neighborhood library is transformed into a museum dedicated to your favorite topic, which in this case is guts-and-gore.  Even better, everyone inside is just as obsessed as you.  To get there you don’t have to go anywhere, ignore the QUIET sign, food is welcome, shirt and shoes are optional, and you don’t have to check out anything.


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