Videos – Update to: Best Ergonomic Chairs for Writers

October 9, 2008

In June of this year Founders’ Blog posted a very popular article about ergonomic chairs. What followed were numerous emails asking detailed questions about specific models.   The article was written to encourage writers to invest in their health when setting up a home work environment, not so much to profess ourselves pundits on the subject of ergonomic chairs.  Nonetheless, we’ve gone ahead and gathered a handful of videos on the internet that showcase some of the features of specific models. We are happy with the response to the June article and again want to encourage all writers to invest in two things: good computer equipment and a great chair.

Chris Pirillo uses the Grahl ergonomic chair and explains the importance of investing in a high quality chair.

Thorough review of the SwingSeat – very innovative product. Try it out and if you don’t like it, you get your money back including S&H.

Difficulty finding a BodyBilt video that showcases the entire chair. One of the best features is the seat – modeled after the old, farmer, tractor saddles.

Ergohuman chair has mesh fabric and leather models as well as many adjustable settings.

Ergonomics at Herman Miller

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