ThinkFree Office for Netbooks – Giving Away Free Copies

October 22, 2008

I hope I’m not too late with this article, but it was just recently brought to my attention. ThinkFree is offering a free copy of their office suite built specifically for netbooks.  ThinkFree Office is a suite of low-disc consumption office products that play nice with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so you will have no problem opening or sending docs to Microsoft Office users.  The light build is not taxing on the operating system – which is perfect for not-so-powerful netbooks.

FYI…Founders’ Blog recently covered netbooks as they relate to writers.  If any of our readers have made the leap and purchased a netbook, you have only until October 31, 2008 to fill out the survey and pick up your free copy of ThinkFree Office.  Otherwise, the cost is $49.00. 

via: Gottabemobile 

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