A Dozen Gadget Gifts for Writers

November 24, 2008

$ = under $50
$$ = $50 – $100
$$$ = $100 – $500
$$$$ = Pfff it’s only money

1. $ Gift Certificates – Not exactly techy, but easy.

    * Levenger
    * Staples
    * Local Art Supply Store
    * Favorite Coffee House
    * iTunes
    * Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc. 


2. $$ Portable Backup Storage – Encourage writers to backup their masterpieces with portable storage.

    * USB Memory Stick (at least 2GB)
3. $$ Digital Camera – Encourage writers to get out amongst the living – taking pictures for proof.


4. $$ Ergonomic Keyboard – Try it, they may like it and improve their health at the same time. (Keep the receipt just in case)


5. $$+ Digital Voice Recorder – Often times writers dream the stories they are writing and or their imaginations become alive just before they lie down to sleep.  Having a voice recorder handy helps ensure they capture the thought-on-the-spot.

   * Local Radio Shack or Best Buy


6. $$+ Update Writing Software – Find out if your writer gift recipient is using the latest version of their writing software or if they’ve been wanting to try something new.

7. $$$ Noise Cancellation Headphones – We like it quiet. If you opt for the over-the-ear kind, throw in a pack of earplugs.  This combo helps drown out the most annoying cafe/airplane background noises.

     * CNet Review of the best noise cancellation headphones

8. $$$ iPod –  No explanation necessary.

     * Apple Store

9. $$$+ Extended Monitor – Expand a writer’s real estate. Once they start working with a 24" plus monitor they’ll wonder how they ever got along without one.

     * Dell has excellent quality monitors at reasonable prices.
     * Apple displays are expensive but high quality.


10. $$$ Netbook – Why? See article

11. $$$ eReader – Because you can never have too many books in hand.

     * Founders’ Blog Article     
     * Kindle     
     * Sony


12.$$$$ Laptop – Free a writer from the confines of their desk.

    * MacBook or MacBook AirThe best Mac laptop options for writers.
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CavediVer December 6, 2008 at 7:04 pm

I’ll take one of each!

You should do an article on the benefits of multiple monitors for writers. I totally agree with you that once you try it, you will wonder how you got along with just one monitor.


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