Datamancer’s Antique Technology Gadgets – (A.K.A. Oxymorons to Drool Over)

February 15, 2009

Datamancer’s – Das Keyboard 

Old leather messenger bags, heavy iron typewriters, fountain pens, leather-bound Moleskins and stogies.  Such nostalgia have long been a part of the couture that romanticizes being a writer. The aluminum and plastic that goes hand-in-hand with new technology can be the blame for sucking the romance right out of it!

Are you dying for the feel of typewriter keys beneath your fingers but need to stay grounded in the 21st century?  Intro the Steampunk movement – a subculture of artists taking modern technology and filtering it through, or in combination with, the Victorian era.

What would an ergo keyboard have looked like in 1850? Can a typewriter and keyboard coexist?  One Steampunk artist in particular has done a brilliant job at answering that question.   Richard "Datamancer" Nagy uses materials such as brass, copper, wood and leather to construct computer keyboards, laptops and desktops into stunning works of art.  Correction… practical works of art, as everything he builds can actually be used!

Datamancer’s – Scrabble Keyboard

Steampunk has no set guidelines, and thus Datamancer’s latest invention – a Scrabble keyboard – is a step outside of his usual milieu. I love the ingenuity and creativity involved with this movement.  There are many artists, but Datamancer is probably my favorite because his chosen subject of computers is so close to heart. He works out of his workshop in California and takes orders for customized keyboards. As the Steampunk movement continues to grow, mark your calendar for the 2nd annual 09′ California Steam Punk Convention. I’ll shut up and let the pictures bring closure to this article.  Look, don’t touch, and keep the drool to a minimum.


IBM Ergo Keyboard 


IBM Ergo Keyboard

Steampunk Laptop

Brass and Marble LCD mod 

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Manual typewriters April 7, 2009 at 1:03 pm

Awesome photos (and mods).

Thanks for sharing.


Robin April 7, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Glad you enjoyed the photos. The gadgets are quite interesting to say the least.


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