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March 26, 2009

Calibre is a free application that manages your electronic stash of e-books, magazines and news.  It’s cross platform so it works on Windows, OS X and Linux.  It has the ability to convert over a dozen document formats (HTML, TFT, RTF, PDF) into EPUB, LRF and MOBI, then synchronizes with popular e-book readers like Sony, Amazon Kindle and even the new Stanza reader for iPhone.


User feedback seems to suggest that most folks are very happy with the application.  The user interface offers a Cover-Flow for browsing book jackets, and appears to be well thought out.

Spin it for writers…

For a writer the Calibre could be a fantastic research organizer.  Let’s say for example you’re writing a book on the latest economic crisis, and you’re sourcing from at least ten books.  Calibre allows you to leave comments and tags for each book in your library.  After you read the book on your e-reader, access Calibre on your computer and input your notes regarding the info you are sourcing, the page numbers, etc.  When you later compile your bibliography, refer to the data you entered on each book.  If you’re sourcing from e-newspaper articles and RSS feeds – no problem – Calibre allows you to store information on these formats as well. 

Be sure to pay homage to the karma gods and donate a few bucks if you decide to make Calibre your application of choice for managing your electronic reading content.  Remember, the more money donated, the more development occurs and the more development, the better the product. So eventually your donation will come back around to benefit you – as "good" karma often does.


Source:  jkontherun

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ClamMan405 April 26, 2009 at 2:04 pm

just bought the Sony eReader at Target


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