Concealed Floating Bookshelves

May 26, 2009

Smart Furniture takes an innovative approach to  a  staple in office furniture – the bookshelf.  There’s a lot of creative artistry that goes into book cover design, so why not display your books as…wall art???

The base of the Concealed Floating Bookshelves tuck indiscreetly between the pages, offering the appearance of a floating stack of books.  I can imagine an entire wall covered with floating books. Each shelf is made of powder-coated steel.  The large wall-mount is $11.50 and the small wall-mount is $8.99 and holds the same weight.  There’s your conversation piece; now just add wine.


If you want to mix it up, Smart Furniture also offers what they call a Flybrary.  Much like the  Concealed Floating Bookshelves, the books are suspended to the wall with invisible shelves, but the spine faces up.  Priced at $30, the Flybrary is engineered to hold up to 20 lbs.  For those of you taking a modern approach to your office setup, these creative bookshelves might be just the right touch.

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Henny Bessette September 21, 2013 at 12:07 pm

I want to try the floating bookshelve projects but having a problem with the back flap of the first book on the "shelf'. How do you keep the page from just hanging?


Karen December 8, 2013 at 11:29 am

There is a tiny 'lip' that the cover of the first book hangs onto, which will keep it from dangling.


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