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June 24, 2009

Following up on our article – Next day delivery biaxin– we have gathered together a list of smartphone applications to help you stay productive. The links below are for BlackBerry applications, but most have an alternative for Palm and Windows smartphones.

And, let's not forget the iPhone.  Do you realize there are over 50,000 iPhone and iPod applications  available through the App store to date (June 2009)?  It's hard to even wrap your brain around the depth of innovation Apple has spurred by opening the pipeline to developers with one simple question in mind – If you could hold a computer in the palm of your hand, what could it do?  We've taken some time to comb through the App Store and come up with quite a few applications that can enhance a writer's tool belt.



Writers In General


WikiPock Plus Edition ($14.99)
Search and read Wikipedia without internet connection. The entire encyclopedia is in your phone.

Create notes for anything and categorize them all.  Character notes, plot notes, story structure notes, etc.  You never know when an idea is going to pop into your head.

VR+ Voice Recorder ($29.95)
You can record, email and play back voice memos – and save them for later.  Recording can be played back in mp3 format from a PC or cell phone.


All-in-one advanced calendar and to-do list.


My Secret Diary ($8.99)
My Secret Diary is a great tool for you to store your secret diary entries in a safe password-protected place.  Store up to 25,000 diary entries.



Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus ($14.95)
The best-selling English dictionary and thesaurus with 1.6 million words and WordNet technology.

Strengthen your vocabulary with one new word a day.





We've received a few emails asking if there is a script formatting mobile application.  To date, the only one we know about is ScriptRight.  However, you should use your best judgment as we do not have any experience with the app.  It only works with Windows Mobile, and the site appears to have not been updated in quite some time. ScriptRight.


With 500 films produced annually, and producers constantly trying to mismatch old movies with new concepts (i.e. ET meets Rainman), writers need to stay knowledgeable of movies past and present.  Check out the fun and informative apps below:


Pop quiz of movie facts.


Information on latest releases and the location and times of local movies.


 iPhone Applications

Just what the title says. Set the controls for different subjects like Movie Idea Generator or Song Idea Generator.


Just what the title says.


Very helpful to-do list.


Helps you create logically deduced arguments/debates.

A brilliant note taking application.


eReader for the iPhone


This is an idea generator app that uses a mix of written scenarios and photos to unblock creativity.


*New apps are created everyday.  If you know of any others that pertain to writers be sure to leave a comment below.

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Craig July 1, 2009 at 7:51 am

Great article, but how about some apps for the LG Voyager? It has a full QUERTY keyboard me and my wife both love.


Robin July 1, 2009 at 9:35 am

Craig – thanks for the compliment.

LG Voyager looks like a smartphone and feels like a smartphone but it’s not because it has a proprietary OS for the Verizon Network, not a smartphone OS like Windows Mobile or OS X for iPhone. Therefore you won’t find 3rd party developers creating apps specifically for your device. This article may help explain:


Craig July 1, 2009 at 9:48 am

Thanks for replying. I found this worth reading, where CNET rates the Voyager higher than the iPhone:


Scott Maddox July 9, 2009 at 12:44 am

The apps part of the smartphone revolution is real phenomenal. This has even enabled us to make extra money.


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