Office in a Trunk

September 21, 2009


Leather and technology are an odd combination, mixing old world with new age.   However, Restoration Hardware has put together a handsome combination of the two eras in the form of a steamer trunk office.  When I came across this desk piece I thought it might be ideal for some of our readers. Writers so often love the nostalgia of  traditional  office settings, but don’t want to be fettered by antiquated technology. 

The Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk is a reproduction of an antique steamer trunk with over 3,000 hand-hammered brass nail heads.  If your main room doubles as an office and entertaining space, you can literally close up shop, allowing for privacy and additional room for guests.   Window placement in your loft or house might cause "glaring issues" with your computer screen at certain times of the day.  The Mayfair Steamer stands on wheels for easy mobility – so you can position your office away from the sun, the kids, or your spouse???  

Price: $3995

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