Bluetooth Wireless Handset – Old School Style

October 16, 2009

Horchow Bluetooth Wireless Handset 

Horchow is offering a different spin on old and new technologies with a bluetooth wireless traditional handset.  If you don’t want to be bothered with batteries or recharging, there is also a $68 non-wireless handset that you plug directly into your cellphone. 

I have my BlackBerry Tour and my office phone at my disposal when I’m seated behind the desk.  Often I’ll route BB calls to the office phone for the sheer comfort of it all.  The design of the traditional handset actually has some practical ergonomic value.  Think about it… You never look like an idiot searching for the pin-hole mic when the person on the other line claims "I can’t hear you; are you covering the hole?" And best of all, you can press it to your ear with your shoulder and have ample use of both hands. You might ask, "But Robin, don’t those conveniences already exist with modern bluetooth headsets?" Okay you have a point, but a hackneyed point. Everybody and their grandma has a bluetooth headset growing out of their ear, but the mix of old school with modern technology could be the new black

Cost $80
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