What’s New in the World of Tablet PCs for Writers (Plus Fujitsu’s New LifeBook T4310)

October 21, 2009

Fujitsu LifeBook T4310 

This blog has What is cialis about the advantages of tablet PCs (TPC) for writers.  In fact, the lack of writers’ awareness regarding various technologies that enhance productivity was the impetus behind LitCentral starting this blog.  Lump TPCs into the “technology that enhances writers’ productivity” bunch. If you are the type of writer that likes to map out your novel or script with handwritten notes, 3×5 cards, and Post-it stickers the TPC is a great solution.   Using software applications like OneNote and Evernote with your TPC,  you can write directly on the screen,  capturing all of your handwritten notes (all in one place) and never run out of ink or paper.  

When I first became interested in the TPC over five years ago, you could expect to pay a minimum of $2000 for the cheapest of models, and up to $4500 for the crème de la crème.   Today, prices have dropped considerably with certain models starting at $799.

LifeBook T4310

Fujitsu is one of the oldest manufacturers of tablet PCs, helping to pioneer the hardware platform over 20 years ago.  They offer the largest selection of TPCs, and recently joined the family of multi-touch tablet PCs with the introduction of the Lifebook T4310. Most tablets are built around a “mobile” platform with light weight hardware (2.4 lbs – 4 lbs) and small 12″ screens.   The T4310 is no different.  It offers the latest dual digitizer technology with pen input and multi-touch interaction, a modular bay, bi-directional display hinge, and the performance of Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor technology.

Starting at $1049, the Fujitsu LifeBook T4310 isn’t the cheapest TPC on the market, but it does not compromise on quality or technology. My only gripe is that I would prefer it have a faster FSB (1066 MHz vs 800 MHz).  Available for order late October.  Go here for more info.


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