That Writer’s Bungalow Retreat in the Woods – Totally Doable

November 9, 2009

Lusby 117 sq feet

I love to skeet shoot.  The number one rule to remember is: Think small, aim small, miss small.  In other words, instead of aiming at the entire clay pigeon, aim for a piece of it.  It narrows your focus and heightens your chances of success.  How the hell does this equate to a tranquil writing bungalow in the woods?  Put a sock it in – I’m gettin’ there!

And back to my center of peace…

Have you always dreamed of purchasing a quiet bungalow where you’ll write the next greatest screenplay or novel?  And not just any bungalow, but one perched next to a lake or a cool running brook? It’s just you, the dog and your fingertips spinning gold as they tap away at the laptop. 

Me: Well, what’s stopping you? 
You: That thing we call “dinero” with lots of “muchos” on top. 
Me: How do you plan on obtaining this muchos dinero? 
You: After I sell my blockbuster screenplay and rake in the 15 points on the back-end of the contact.
Me: Sweet.  But isn’t it the calming affect of the bungalow by the brook that helped you create that blockbustin’ screenplay?
You: Uh…yes.  Listen, is this going to be a chicken and the egg thing?

Where I’m going with this is that you don’t have to wait for a lottery-payday to start living your dream.  Aim small, miss small — remember?  There’s a company called Tumbleweed that specializes in tiny houses.  Really, really, tiny, functional houses.   The houses range from 69 sq feet (A.K.A. Help-I-Can’t-Breath!!!!!!) to around 700 sq feet with a starting price of $18,000. 

Founder Jay Shafer is the Obi Wan Kenobi of minimalism.  He approaches every home he builds with the precision of  a brain surgeon – every square inch is accounted for and utilized.  Below is the Epu model that Jay lives in and was featured on Oprah.


Epu – 89 sq feet – Pre-Built $45,997 – Do-It-Yourself $19,995


Epu Plans

You can purchase plans and do-it-yourself, or buy the home pre-built.  Many of the plans allow the home to be constructed atop a trailer frame for easy transport to the 1/4 acre of land you purchased (for a steal!) by the fresh water lake. And isn’t the government offering huge incentives for first time home buyers right now?

Do you see what just happened?  You are no longer dependent on a set of events to make your dreams come true.  You have today, this moment, this opportunity. Unfetter yourself from your “ideas” of how and when, and set foot in the direction you think you aught to go.  Let the Universe take it from there… 

Habinger 297 & 391 sq ft

Habinger Plans
Z-Glass 396 sq ft

Z-Glass Plans


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Richard J. November 19, 2009 at 10:47 am

I think for those of us who ate natural-born minimalists it’s easier because it’s instinctive for us to take small bites. Great article Robin.


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Magnificent idea


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