HyperMac – The External Battery Solution for the Mac

November 19, 2009

No need to check the calendar.  It’s true.  We are fast approaching 2010 and still the most you can hope to get out of a laptop battery is 3 – 5 hrs.  “But, but…” I know, I know, there’s a robot on Mars and a man on the moon. Go figure.

Until manufacturers can figure out the short-lived battery dilemma, external batteries remain the only key to unfetter the mobile writer.  We’ve all seen the chaos that can ensue over the lone outlet jack in the airport terminal or Starbucks cafe.  It’s an ugly site and quite frankly, degrading as much as it is ridiculous – human beings hovering over a single outlet jack like a squirrel burring a nut for the winter. Rise up from the muck and mire people and go forth hauling 20+ hours of battery life with the HyperMac extended battery.

The HyperMac can charge the entire range of Mac laptops plus your iPhone, iPod, and any other device that connects via USB.  For me, that includes my BlackBerry tour, Jawbone Bluetooth, and Cannon PowerShot.  HyperMac offers four different external batteries ranging is size from 60-watt-hour to 222-watt-hour, priced between $199.95 – $499.95. The life of the battery is good for 1,000 charges.  This means you can use the HyperMac every single day for the next two years and 288 days. 


Leave the brick at home
You know that big rectangle block that’s part of your A/C adapter chords?  It’s heavy and cumbersome to pack, but a necessary evil if you plan on using your laptop for more than a few hours.  The HyperMac allows you to leave the brick at home after you’ve charged the external battery.  I don’t advise this for travel, but it’s a great benefit to cafe bloggers and writers who hang out in the bookstore and the alike.

What’s the best HyperMac model for writers?

I imagined “worst case scenario” which would include consecutive use of my laptop for more than 10 hours.  Chances are this “worst case scenario” takes place over the pond on an 8-hr flight between NY and Europe, but before taking flight I’ve already experienced a 1-hr delay on the runway and a 3-hr wait in the terminal. Oh, and did I mention I started my journey in California four hours ago? Add it all up and 16-hours of extra battery juice would suffice. Plus, I have the 3 – 5 hours that comes with the internal battery. 

The HyperMac 100-watt-hour battery (above pic – second battery from the top) offers over 16 hours of juice AND!  AND! it weighs only 1.6 lbs.  You could fork out another  $100 for an additional 7 hrs of juice in the 150-watt-hour battery, but isn’t the real price you’re paying measured in pounds – 2.4 lbs to be exact?  Even my worst case scenario doesn’t call for 22 hours, so the extra hours are gratuitous.  Yet, I will never be able to shed the extra weight which is only .6 lbs less than the MacBook Air!  Let’s say your gear bag weighs in at 5 lbs, including MacBook Air, cables, books, etc. What’s an additional 3 lbs? Do me a favor, go to your local sporting goods store and pick up a 3 lb hand-weight used for aerobic exercise.  Tote that baby around the store for 20 minutes while you check out the latest camping gear, mountain bikes and footwear and then come back and ask that question. Mobility should be top priority when choosing your gadgets.    

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