Ten Gadget Gifts for Writers – 2009

December 8, 2009

No matter your budget, you are sure to find a gadget gift from the list below for that special writer in your life.  We have recommendations ranging from $9 to over $500 and many of the items have been covered in-depth at some point on the blog.  Delve into the archives or go to the manufacture/resellers website to find out more.  LitCentral wishes all of the Founders’ Blog readers happy holidays and an abundant New Year.


1.                     Fisher Space Pen 

Fisher Space Pen – Packed with technology, the Space Pen is, without exception, the best pen on the market for travel.  The website offers a large selection at very reasonable prices.  When purchasing, keep in mind most writers will utilize the clip accessory for attaching the pen to journals. Starting as low as $9 – Fisher Space Pen Co.

2. USB Patriot Flashdrive
Backup USB Flashdrive – Most folks hesitate backing up their work because it means a trip into unknown territory.  What if I buy the wrong thing?  What’s the right thing?  How big? How much?  Put their questions and reservations to rest, and gift them a USB flashdrive.   A 1GB flashdrive will suffice most writers, however if they want to backup more than just text files you may want to consider up to an 8 GB. Patriot makes one of the best 8GB USB flashdrives on the market for only $24. Newegg is a trusted resource for computer gear with very reliable shipping.


3. Microsaver Retractable Lock
Laptop Cable Security Kit – This is a compact, retractable version of the notebook cable lock. Great gift for any writer who sets up shop in a cafe, bookstore or library.


 4.     Lighted Folio for Kindle  
Lighted Folio for Kindle –For those writers who have already moved into Kindle territory, the Periscope is a great add-on gift. FYI…It’s worthy of one merit geek badge.  $49.95



DormVault Laptop Safe -The high rate of laptop theft on college campuses should be enough to galvanize anyone who disputes the need for additional laptop security.  If you know of a young writer living on campus with dozens of English papers and creative writings residing on their laptops, please…help them help themselves.  ThinkGeek – $59.99


Fellowes Paper ShredderPaper Shredder –  One should never consider tossing entire copies of their work in the round file – be it their best masterpiece or their worst nightmare creation. You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s… Avg. Price $60 – $150 – Start your research here: Paper Shredders: Reviews


7. The Desk Fan Store
Retro Fan – Writers often enjoy the classics both in their choice of literature and surroundings. The Desk Fan Store has some great antique-looking desk fans to keep your writer cool.  

$133 – The Desk Fan Store


8. BlackBerry Tour    
Smartphone – Smartphones can help a writer stay connected, networked and organized.  If you read this blog, you know that I’m partial to BlackBerries with a tactile keyboard. If the writer is an Apple fan and already on the AT&T network, by all means check out the iPhone. And although I haven’t tried it yet, I’m hearing a lot of great feedback about the Google Droid.  Start your research by checking out the models available via the writer’s cellphone carrier or read in-depth smartphone articles on the blog. As low as $49 with 2-yr plan.


9.Dell 24 
24" Monitor – Don’t wait for the writer in your life to discover the benefits of an extended monitor, just gift it to them already. Extended monitors come in all sizes but the 24" is just about right for writers wanting to open two applications within the same screen.  If you can afford it, TWO monitors are BETTER than one.  Dell manufactures some of the best 24" extended monitors at reasonable prices. Expect to pay at least $500 for a great monitor, but $250 can still get you something decent.  Stay away from glossy screens – bad on the eyes for extended periods of reading. Starting at $189


Acer Netbook AS1410Netbook – If your writer is anchored to a desktop or a huge 17" notebook and you want to encourage them to get out and write amongst the living, then a netbook is a great alternative solution.  These are not powerhouse machines. Netbooks are optimized for light computing tasks like word processing and heavy internet usage – perfect for the mobile writer.  A writer needs a decent screen (11" +) and full-size keyboard that allows them to comfortably compute away from their desk for a few hours at a time. Newegg is a trusted source to shop.  The Acer Aspire AS1410 is one of the most popular netbooks sold at $429. (Pssst…don’t worry so much about looks and hard drive space, but rather go for at least 2GB memory, long battery life and a decent front side bus ((FSB)) of 800Mhz.) 


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Chris Underwood February 10, 2010 at 2:18 pm

The Fisher Space pens have to be one of the best ideas for a present for anyone that is interested in writing as they last such a long time over 3.5 miles of writing, I would love to know how many words that would relate to!


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