OfficePOD – A Mobilehome Away from Home for Writers

February 1, 2010


The folks at OfficePOD believe the ability to work from home is a trend that’s here to stay.  I think their product is ideal for writers with a backyard and who are in need of "space" to write.  You wouldn’t think twice about a shed for housing the lawn tools, a greenhouse, or playhouse for the kids, so why not an office pod?  So often writers find themselves carving out work space at the kitchen table or on the couch – only to be interrupted by the kids, the dog, the telephone or solicitors banging down the front door.

There’s lots of benefits for corporate too, such as reducing commute time, more focused employees, etc, however the OfficePOD would be absolutely ideal for writers seeking solitude and a special place designated solely for the depositing of their brain droppings. The OfficePOD is energy efficient and designed in great part with recycled or recyclable products. Each pod is delivered and constructed by a specialist team and measures approximately 7′ x 7′.  To date, this brilliant idea is only available in the UK for £14,950 ($24,273).


I can imagine this trend making its way into future book deal or screenplay negotiations – "I’ll take 50% up front and an OfficePOD out back." For those of us in the USA, perhaps one of these may someday be available at our neighborhood Costco – right next to the prefabricated tree house and the trampoline set.  Hey, anything is possible.

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