Memory Foam Slippers – Like Writing on Air

February 8, 2010

Memory Foam Slippers So there you are nestled behind your desk, wearing your favorite roomy t-shirt and sweats, all the while pecking away at your keyboard. Your back feels great in that new ergonomic chair, the extended monitor is candy-for-your-eyes and your keyboard and mouse setup feel like an extension of your body. But what about your feet? FEET? WHO NEEDS FEET? TELL MY HOLEY SOCKS TO PRAY FOR ‘EM, I’M BUSY SPINNING GOLD WITH MY FINGERTIPS!

Seriously, I tried on a pair of these Memory Foam Slippers from The Sharper Image and my body sunk about 3/4 an inch down into a billowy cloud of bliss. These would make a great techy – but not so techy – gift for anyone.  But give these to a home-writer and they may just love you for it.

Cost: $29.99

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