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June 29, 2010

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The first edition of the iPad offers a small challenge when it comes to printing.  Thanks to 3rd party developers the task has become quite simple. Use this article only as a reference point as I am not advocating the quality of any of the apps described below.   

Print-n-Share – allows you to store and print emails, attachments, docs, files, photos and web pages.   Print direct to Wi-Fi or shared printers.  USB and Bluetooth printers can be used after downloading the free print server software.  You can also print remotely via 3G/EDGE. Only $6.99 at MacWorld.com.

PrintCentral – goes a little further than most print apps.  It offers a central location for housing all of your print materials and has full iPad integration.  You can open and print files directly into PrintCentral from any other app that supports the "Open in…" file sharing, including attachments from Apple Mail.  Transfer docs and files via iTunes on your laptop or desktop, or files stored in the cloud (iDisk)  into PrintCentral.  Print direct to Wi-Fi printers.  USB and Bluetooth printers can be used with free print server software and you can also print remotely via 3G/EDGE. Only $9.99 at MacWorld.com

ePrint  – offers both a free and paid version.  Although very limited, I recommend you check out the free version first for testing purposes.  Online reviewers state ePrint has troubles with HP printers, but find out for yourself. ePrint allows for bookmarking web pages that you may want to print at a later date.  You can also download images and PDFs from the web.  This app offers many different print settings such as color, sepia, paper size orientation, etc. Connect via Wi-Fi and iDisk as well as networked printers. Sold for next to nothing ($2.99) at MacWorld.com

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