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The Kindle…3

July 29, 2010

Kindle released its 3rd generation e-Reader today. Even cheaper than its predecessors, you have a choice of two radio options: $139 with WiFi and $189 with 3G access through AT&T.  Pre-orders start tomorrow with deliveries rolling in by August 27th. Some of the new features include a faster refresh rate and better E Ink contrast.  Internal storage has doubled to 4GB allowing for up to 3,500 books, yet the form factor is smaller and lighter, leaving in tact the 6 inch screen size.  Battery life still lasts up to one month with WiFi off and 10 days with it on.   

As I stated before, I definitely see a niche for e-readers, but hey remind me of cell phones vs smartphones.    If you're just wanting to read (or talk, in the case of a cell phone) and you want a gadget that helps you do "that" very well, then an e-Reader is a definite solution.  If you want to do more than just read (or talk and multi-task in the case of a smartphone), and your prefer a device that offers quick access to the internet and a hundred applications, then an iPad is a better solution.  

There's also hesitation in going "literary-digital" amongst library lovers, in particular home libraries, which offer a visual display of all your literary consumption both past, present and future.  I get that.  Thank goodness purchasing an e-Reader like the Kindle isn't one of those all or nothing decisions.  Keep your old books, by new books AND try an e-Reader.  

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