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Urban Station – Reshaping the Coffee House

August 26, 2010

Just yesterday I was getting my weekly fix over at when I came across this article about a company that is challenging the coffee house business model.   My eyebrow goes up, because all of us are familiar with the ubiquitous behavior of otherwise well-mannered Starbuck patrons jockying for the SINGLE outlet like a pack of wild dogs after the last Kibble-n-Bit – any miscommunication as to whose cord is whose and all hell breaks out.   It also amazes me that it's 2010 and we still don't have a 24-hr laptop battery, but I digress…   

It use to be you go to a coffee house to drink coffee and read the newspaper.  Today…not so much.  Urban Station is bringing fresh ideas to the neanderthall coffee houses that have become second offices, meeting hubs, and social fountains by rethinking the entire concept of a coffee house.   While many coffee houses like Starbucks, now provide free Wi-Fi, they haven't considered much else in the relm of customer needs. Urban Station looks at coffee as tertiary while the environment and space are king.  Based out of Buenos Aire's Palermo Soho district, this trendy company rents the space you occupy while offering complimentary coffee and pastries. The decor is modern and the outlets are bountiful.  If you require even more privacy, Fast Company reports that Urban Station provides conference rooms and individual desks, as well as free WiFi, printers, fax machines, scanners and lockers – all included in the hourly rate.  

The hourly rate remains aloof as Union Station has yet to post the information to their website, but Fast Company reports that it's, "less than a promotional breakfast at any Palermo bar". And while I've yet to encounter a Palermo bar, I remain optimistic about this evolutionary business model.  I know what this means for writers – a more productive, comfortable, tailored environment that supports ones dreams of Best Seller Lists, and Box Office Hits. Godspeed Urban Station and may your business model roll upon the shores of the US of A.    

Source:  Fast Company

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