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IdeaPaint – Ideal for Writers

September 14, 2010

IdeaPaint, in a nutshell, is a liquid dry-erase board.   Anything you can paint – drywall, plaster, chalkboard, tables – becomes a writing surface for dry-erase markers.  I can already hear the collective minds of writers…"Hmm, isn't that interesting".  So imagine the outline for your next screenplay or manuscript decorating the entire south wall of your studio apartment. IdeaPaint is mind mapping gone wild!  

If you've been privy to the LitCentral Founders' Blog for any amount of time, you know that I advocate keeping your writing notes all in one place, and preferably a digital place for easy mobile accessibility. However, if you remain stationary for the better part of your writing projects, amidst some sort of a home-base, IdeaPaint might be worth looking into.  Plot your turning points, outline your characters, spec out the character arc, etc. – all in one place and on one large display surface.  The only drawback I see is that once the project is complete, and the notes are erased, the reference is gone forever.  But hats off to IdeaPaint for an innovative, creative, inspiring and practical idea!  

Comes in eight different colors or variations there of, with the following products:

Solvent-based – $199.50 for 50 sq.ft. of coverage

Water-based – $175.50 for 50 sq.ft. of coverage

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