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LitCentral to Attend 2011 CES International

November 12, 2010

Technology always wets my appetite, but there's something magical about being surrounded by like-minded geeks in the heart of Sin City. Yes folks, CES International 2011 is fast approaching (January 6 – 11), and LitCentral will be there.  We're especially excited about what Digital Hollywood has in store – already billing itself with tantalizing speak like, "new platforms, surprising new target audiences and refreshing approaches to reaching them". Writers of all kinds should be equally excited.  Why? Because the bottom line is writers create content, be it a 30-second commercial, a video game, an e-book, a TV show, a full length feature etc. etc.  Therefore, new platforms and emerging target audiences mean more content, and more content means more writers to write that content.  Writers should be excited about the future of technology, because we're long past the days of linear writing distribution channels (i.e. writer + agent + publisher = book).  Media has gone viral baby and it's good a thing! 

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