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iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

December 15, 2010

There are some that will tell you if you have to use a keyboard with an iPad, you're missing the point.  And there are some that will tell you to mind your own business and let me use my iPad the way I want!  Guess which one is me.

It's hard to beat a keyboard when you've got a long-winded email to type, or a big project to hammer-out in Pages, and all you have at your fingertips is an iPad. Keyboards with tactile feedback (not glass keyboards) are what has kept BlackBerry in business.  Why?  Because tactile feedback allows you to be more productive, simply because something called a "motor skill" kicks in – allowing you to simultaneously use sight, touch, and hearing to type faster.  

With that said… I'll now introduce the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case (love the concept, hate the name) you can type to your heart's content or flip the keyboard behind the iPad and use your fingers. I've got four reasons why you should seriously consider purchasing this gadget. One, the keyboard case has a lithium ion battery that holds a charge for 90 hours.  Two, coupled with the iPad it only weighs 2.75 lbs. Three and four, it's priced to "sell like hotcakes" and $59.99 + iPad = cheaper than a Macbook Air.  But a word of caution if you're planning on getting one before the Christmas crowds attack it like a squirrel burying a nut for the winter – you better scat on over to ThinkGeek today!

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