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More iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

December 20, 2010

Open the gates! 

Recently I posted an article about ThinkGeek's iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case (love the concept, hate the name) only to discover through various resources that iPad Bluetooth keyboard cases are becoming more ubiquitous as Christmas approaches.  I've already offered the opinion that I think it's a great idea.  Besides, what writer doesn't love a keyboard?

So without delay, and as expeditiously as possible, let me introduce ZAGGmate – an aircraft-grade aluminum iPad case with an embedded physical Bluetooth keyboard. At $99, almost twice as much as the ThinkGeek case mentioned in last week's article (note that the materials are of a higher quality, and unlike the before mentioned you can type with the iPad in landscape or portrait mode).  ZAGGmate claims the lithium polymer battery will last "several weeks" of normal use without charging.  The case with keyboard adds an additional 12.8 ounces to your iPad weight (1.5 lb.).

Brookstone also announced its very own iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio case. HOWEVER, it appears to be the same case released by ThinkGeek for almost twice the asking price.  I'm only going by the press release photos, so I can't be certain.  But, if you'd rather pay $99 vs $59 for the same case, head on over to Brookstone and pick up your iPad keyboard case today!

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