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January 5, 2011

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Everyone has their own idea of beauty and what constitutes art.  For my dad, the carcasses of dead animals and fish mounted on the wall are the ideal outdoor landscape.  My mother, on the other hand, can get lost for hours in a Monet, Klimt or Renoir.  For me it's antique typewriters, for I can't help myself.  These beautiful, elegant, rustic pieces of machinery are to me what pork back fat is to Anthony Bourdain. My heroes are Blickensderfer, Crandall, Hammond and Remington.  It baffles my mind that writers hammered out script after script on these relecs in the old days of Hollywood.  Perhaps someday, someone will say the same thing about the Macbook Air?  Err… maybe not. 

Given this newfound discovery about me, you could imagine the happiness and outright euphoric joy I experienced when I came upon sculpture artist Jeremy Mayer.  In the world of typewriter collectors he would be considered either a savage or a god.  Mayer disassembles typewriters and reassembles the parts into anatomically correct human figures. Everything you see in the pics that accompany this blog article are typewriter parts – no add-ons.  Mayer does not weld, solder, or glue anything!  In my opinion Jeremy is spinning gold from his studio in Oakland, CA – pure unadulturated beauty.  Anything that takes 1,000 to 1,400 hours to construct  has my attention.  I wonder if he would want to come for dinner and take over the guest room.

Visit Jeremy Mayer's website to find out where he'll be in 2011. 

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