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March 21, 2011

The older I get, the more spiritual I get.  My days are more prosperous (in many different ways) when I take a moment and center myself before setting out.   In this "moment" I set my intentions for the day instead of allowing the day to direct me.  Meaning, I envision what it feels like to have a GREAT DAY. Think about using this same concept before you dive into your writing.  You know what it feels like when you're "in the flow".  Your creativity is through the roof!  It's the same feeling an athlete gets when they're "in the zone".  Unstoppable! In any case it's a mindset, a state-of-being.

Before you sit down to write, center yourself in silence. Do away with the chatter tied to the day and see what happens.  If you're like most, you'll have difficulty finding "the silence" at first.  That's where Do Nothing For 2 Minutes can come in handy.  It is a website dedicated to helping computer users…well, do nothing. For two minutes you stare at the picture of the waves and listen to the sound of the ocean while a clock ticks down from 2:00 minutes.  

Remember, ideas are trying to break through all of the chatter going on in your head, but because it's so loud in there, your inner voice has trouble being heard. Inspiration and great ideas come when you allow yourself to just SIT, to just BE! I've carried this "silence" habit into my car.  I use to immediately and out of habit, crank up the stereo the moment I turned over the ignition.  Now, I listen to music selectively and more times than not, I ride in silence.

What have you got to lose (well, besides two minutes)?

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