Gift Tags for Writers

April 12, 2011

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The art of gift wrapping has diminished considerably over the years.  Not much thought goes into the wrapping paper, the box or the ribbon, let alone the tag. Somewhere along the line somebody said, "It's the thought that counts" which opened the door for the mundane. I say, it's the thought that counts, but how that thought is delivered makes the gift even better. 

Whether you're giving to a writer or you're a writer gifting to someone else, these crafty typewriter gift tags add a thoughtful touch. Craftypagan Designs, a husband and wife team from the UK, have set up shop over at Etsy.  They create and sell unique vintage style paper goods and gifts for all events and occasions. So if you want to customize your gift tags even further, shoot them an email. The typewriter tags come six in a bunch for $7.65.   Check out Craftypagan Designs and support your local, international, or wherever artists today.

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