Inkling by Wacom – An Illustrator’s Tech Tool

September 2, 2011

Some writers write and some writers illustrate what they write. If by chance you fall into the latter category, there's a new tech tool you might want to consider. Yes, tablet PCs and pen input devices like the Cintiq have been available for many years.  However, some folks have never been able to accept the feel of inking directly on glass because it's just different in a slippery sort of way – with fingerprints to boot.  Wacom has recently introduced the Inkling for those artists/writers who need to be in the digital world but have not been able to make the leap from birch to binary. The Inkling allows you to sketch directly on paper, and transfer the imagery to popular graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The video shows off the capabilities quite nicely, but I think the ability to create layers takes it to a new level (no pun intended). The pens are pressure sensitive and best of all the Inkling DOES NOT REQUIRE SPECIAL PAPER!  Priced competitively for today's market at $200 the Inkling is a viable option for sketchers considering the lowest priced Cintiq starts at $1,000.

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