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BP Builds Eco-Friendly Offices in Netherlands

September 28, 2011

If you are new to the Founders' Blog you might notice there's a rich theme driving most of the articles – a focus on EVOLUTION by way of technology.  More and more we are seeing companies move beyond the bullpen maze of cubicles and fluorescent lights to embrace a employee-friendly environment with a lighter eco-footprint.  Tech companies are predominantly leading the charge so it was a nice surprise to come across a PR release of BP's new sustainable headquarters in the Netherlands.

The project was constructed by Group A and proves unequivocally there's nothing more important nor beautiful than eco-friendly design.  The new building is constructed inside of an artificial dune topped with grass.  The design purpose is twofold – drawing natural energy from the earth and protecting BP employees from the looming threat of a catastrophic explosion coming from the oil refinery located directly behind the headquarters.

Read more at BP RR Rotterdam, NL

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