Four Makeshift Writing Space Options

November 14, 2011

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  Option 1

If your lap currently serves as your main desk area due to the size of your current digs,  the concept of the Clino Retractable Wall Table may be a better option.  I emphasize "concept" because the Clino price tag of $980 (currently on sale for $699) seems a bit excessive. The Clino is a great space saver, allowing you to maximize floor space.   Of course you can't pile much more than a laptop atop the 27" x 43" space, but with all the organization apps available to writers these days can we not just PUT DOWN THE STICKY NOTES AND STAPLER ALREADY!

Price $699

Option 2

The FD25 by Office Star Products is another option for makeshift writing space.  Just like the Clino, but for a lot less, you can collapse the FD25 and stow away when not in use.  One of the nice features is the pullout drawer for keyboard and mouse.

Price $139.99

Option 3

Options 2 and 3 allow for a little mobility.  If you have a small balcony or rooftop to escape to the AP-09 Apollo Folding Workstation can be carted just about anywhere and serves as a functional desk space if you're using a laptop.  The teeny tiny shelf will lend itself to speakers, iPod, , but it is perfect for speakers or an iPod and the overall dimensions of 34.5" W x 24" D x 34.75" are fairly generous.

Price $103.95

Option 4

The K Workstation is a beautiful example of a sustainable, multifunctional, efficient workspace.  Made from bamboo laminated plywood, the design allows for books, storage and a desktop area.  MisoSoupDesign is overseeing the design of the K Workstation in Sweeden and has yet to reach production.

Price $TBA

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