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December 3, 2011

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Creativity flows through us in many different ways. For some it is writing, for others it is music and for me it is photography.  I acquired my love for photography as a child, following in the footsteps of my dad.


My parents divorced when I was 10 years old.  Twice a month (with overnight bags in tow) my sister and I would head to dad's. Weekends with dad included four-wheeling in his jeep, camping at Bolsa Chica State Beach (in “Old Betsy” – a very old, rusted, copper colored camper) and photography.  Lots and lots of photography.


My sister and I would spend countless hours posing alongside rocks, logs, water, plants… you name it, we stood by it, and dad would “shoot” away.  It wasn’t long before I was asking to stand behind the camera instead of in front of it… and that is where my love for photography began.


I actively pursued photography as a young adult, working jobs from portrait studios to Little League to owning a mobile studio to my favorite photographic role of “mom”.  However, several years ago I put still pictures at bay and moved towards moving pictures with my entrepreneurial venture of LitCentral.


Over the past few years I have followed many photographer’s blogs and viewed umpteen websites, anxiously awaiting the next great image.  There are many whose work I love (and admire) and here are just a few….




 Alison Turner , who travels the country with her tent, dog Max and camera, renders photographs on the scale of Norman Rockwell.  Alison focuses on everyday life here in the US – and her work is raw, realistic and sometimes deliciously raunchy (as seen in her Last Self Portrait). 


Alison’s Bingo Culture was recently featured on Aline Smithson's blog, Lenscratch.  She has also been featured on Salon.com – "My Brilliant Second Career". Here Alison shares her brave move of leaving a six-figure salary in pursuit of finding her “Creative Soul”.  I LOVE her work. Check out her gallery, I'm certain you will quickly become a fan.




Sharon Montrose has some of the cutest, sweetest, cuddliest subjects of all!  I (joyously) stumbled upon her website and I adore her work. Look at her new Little Darlings  collection and tell me you don’t want to own a few of these prints for your wall!  Simply perfect for a baby's room or a brightly painted morning room – where you can enjoy these images with your favorite cup of coffee.  Too cute for words!




Heather Waraksa’s work is beautifully artistic and is full of magic.  My favorite aspect of her photography is the storytelling in her wedding galleries.  From capturing the couple snuggling in bed the morning of the big day, to the flower girls waiting to be dressed, to that quiet moment at the end of the celebration, Heather is sure the memory for each couple is complete.



Lindsay McCrum's new photo book Chicks With Guns is a work of art.  Statistics derived from polling research and gun-sale statistics estimate 15 to 20 million women in the United States own and use firearms. Who knew? This collection is bold and sexy.  A must have for the coffee table!  "Pull!"



Every photographer has a story to tell with their images.  Perhaps some of these brilliant photographer’s work will inspire YOUR writing.  Whether it be an idea for your next script (Alison Turner’s Bingo Culture), an inspiring character (Lindsay McCrum’s Chicks with Guns) or a timeless love story (Heather Waraksa’s story tale weddings), the art of photography can be intertwined and interpreted into rich, creative writing.


As for me, I am once again venturing back behind the camera.  Stay tuned…



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