“Pay for the bag, not the brand” – Antigua Leather

August 1, 2012

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This is how the story usually goes…  Globetrotter is on vacation in Italy or Mexico or someplace known for its leather exports.  He stumbles on a family of leather craftsmen shopping their wares at a local market.  Overwhelmed by the aromatic scent of cowhide, the quality of work, the beautiful design, and the dirt-cheap price tag, Globetrotter's imagination runs amok, calculating the price he could fetch for a bag of such quality… IF! it had a name brand.  Perhaps $800 or maybe $1500 or what if JLo rocked it and the Paparazzi's pic ends up on the cover of PEOPLE and the website crashes from so many orders and OMG move over LV!!!  Great. Just what the world needs – another overpriced designer leather gadget bag with the ridiculous value proposition that the bag should cost more than the iPad and iPhone combined.

Enter 2012 and the golden age of entrepreneurs mixing new business model concoctions of high-quality, high-impact, low-cost solutions.  And the modern story goes… Two globetrotting guys link up with a small team of exceptional leather craftsmen from Guatemala with the goal of providing NAMELESS, high-quality, low-cost leather goods to protect our priceless gadgets.  In the words of Tom Cruise's character in The Firm  – "It's not sexy but it's got teeth". 

Antigua Leather (now featured on Kickstarter) has gone old school, Amish, cobble stone crazy on us and we love it!  AL's mission is 'breaking the trend of cheap, disposable, mass-manufactured goods'.  For a $119 pledge you receive the bag pictured above INCLUDING SHIPPING!  The tag inside simply reads "Made in Guatemala". IPhone and iPad sleeves also available. Rock on AL!  Cows… um you should probably head for the hills.

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