The Funding Game

May 21, 2013

The path of a startup entrepreneur will require at least one round of funding (unless you have an “Aunt Winfrey or Uncle Gates” in your back pocket).  This quest is often stressful, and many nights will be spent in deep meditation, while you debate how much of your baby you are willing to give up for adoption.  Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, or are ready to embark into IPO territory, the proverbial debate over how to “break up the pie” and how to "come out ahead” is always up for discussion. 

A very cool infographic by San Francisco-based startup Funders and Founders breaks down the funding path of a successful entrepreneur.   It does a great job of identifying the steps and potential expectations as Founders obtain funding and grow their business to success.  In fact, check out their website!  It has many insightful and informative infographics for entrepreneurs.  

Image Credit: Funders and Founders

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brian.w.w. June 6, 2013 at 12:53 pm

That's a fantastic infographic! Toss the pickaxe and just have bloody knuckles because that is what it feels like from all the pounding on doors.


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