iSketchnote – A promising approach to e-notebooks

September 12, 2013

Jump back to circa 2005/2006 and you will recall digital notepads had a slight impact on technology, but they never really caught on.  Special (expensive) paper and special pens made the whole experience not so "special".  At the same time, the tablet PC was an expensive alternative that allowed you to capture all your drawings and brain droppings in digital ink, had an endless color pallet and all with the power of a laptop.  But the caveat was, it all had to be done on GLASS!  If you were a pro graphic designer/artist you are likely all about Wacom and their Intuos products – which have addressed many artists' needs – but can it Google and book a flight to Paris?? Exactly.

Nearly eight years later in 2013, everyone has this thing called an iPad.  And while the iPad has a million apps and is good for a million things, it simply is not the best technology for drawing and writing. Sorry fanatics, it's just not. The slippery glass surface and the fat-tip, non-scratch digitizers just aren't "cutting mustard" with the doodlers of the world. 

Enter iSketchnote – no special paper and you pick your poison pen. The surface underneath the paper captures what you're doodling.  So essentially they've removed the Wacom-like-technology from the computer screen and placed it under real paper. They did away with the expensive paper, glass, and cumbersome hardware that kept digital notepads from reaching the masses. It's actually well thought out, and I feel a little optimistic about this one.  The Android version is in the works. View the Kickstarter video below, and as with all Kickstarter projects, proceed with caution when dealing with the combination of technology and start-ups in infancy.

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