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October 24, 2013


Remember so long ago receiving your worldy knowledge via newspapers, magazines and the slit-my-wrist evening news?  Now we literally carry the most powerful information resource on the planet (the web) in our pocket. There are millions (yes millions) of applications to help you gain access, sort and digest the deluge of info.  I am currently using the Pulse iPhone app to keep up on the latest in technology news during mobile downtime.  If I find an article or news story I want to look into at a later time, I have Pulse shoot it to my Evernote account. …which brings me to the point of this article. 

One of my favorite webblogs, Lifehacker has put together an on-going series called How I Work, profiling topnotch professionals and the technology and gadgets they use to get the job done.  The profiles span the gamut of professional workers including: entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, journalists, detectives, etc.   Through a series of questions/answers and photos, they paint a picture of their daily work environment as it relates to hardware, software and office setup.  Check it out. You never know how a simple tweak to the way you go about your work can boost your productivity or simply make life easier.

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