The Cost of Aging in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 11, 2015

Advances in modern medicine mean that Americans are living longer lives than ever before…but at what cost? Aging population growth — especially among those older than 85, who are most likely to require expensive long-term care, suffer disability or require assistance with daily activities — comes with serious financial consequences for aging Americans and their families.

MPH@GW, the online MPH offered through the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University, created "The Cost of Aging in America" to explore some of the serious economic realities faced by aging individuals, caregivers, and health care professionals. Keep reading to learn more. 


Brought to you by MPH@GW, an MPH degree

Brought to you by MPH@GW, a Masters in Public Health By Emily Newhook on behalf of George Washington University's Public Health Online

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