World’s Best Travel Jacket with 15 Features by Baubax

July 15, 2015

Continuing on with our July theme of how the Technology Age our planet is experiencing is influencing other industries…

We love entrepreneurs of all sorts.  In particular we love entrepreneurs who create things that make our lives easier. In this example technology has a date with the world of couture.   World's Best Travel Jacket with 15 Features (WBTJ/15) by Baubax is another Kickstarter project that has the potential to make travel easier and style effortless.  The company is presenting a travel "hoodie" that essentially has a lot of slots to store things like smartphones, tablets, headphones, passport, wallet, etc.  Nothing groundbreaking right?  Wrong. 

Baubax steps outside the box and closes the lid!  First off, I must preface that my excitement behind this project is galvanized by a big pet peeve – I hate carrying things in my hands when I travel!  I have a tendency to set important things down on counters, seats and security belts, only to have a cardiac infarction mid-flight at the realization that the "thing" is no longer in my hand.  While I love all the little pockets, this Kickstarter project goes a step or two beyond compartmentalizing.  For example my two favorite features are the inflatable neck pillow and foldaway gloves.  

Neck Pillow: I love having a neck pillow just as much as I hate carrying a neck pillow through airports.  I always debate whether I should carry that half-donut-ridiculous-looking-thing to keep from slobbering on the poor soul seated next to me, or just leave it behind!  With the WBTJ/15 that quandary is solved.  The neck pillow inflates and deflates within seconds and  stays attached to the neck lining of the hoodie.

Foldaway Gloves:  For some reason my hands do tend to be sensitive to temperature during flight – especially red-eye flights.  Yet, I rarely choose to travel with gloves unless my destination requires the extra layer.  Once again, problem solved with WBTJ/15.  Gloves tuck under the sleeve opening when not in use.

There are a few more features beyond pockets, like a cup holder (yes, I wrote cup holder) and an eye mask.  Check out the video and see for yourself.


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