Culturally Sensitive Innovation

July 18, 2016

I have come to the understanding the idea of "happiness" in advanced civilizations around the world is not necessarily shared with developing countries.  A healthy bank account, nice home, diverse investment portfolio, multiple cars and ample vacation, to rest from all that success, are not necessarily quantifiers for happiness.  However, beyond culture and geographical location there is a universal law that states we must continue to evolve and adapt to survive. Our nomadic ancestors taught us that static objects eventually succomb to the environment.

Thus no matter a civilization's location, there are endless opportunities to enhance and improve life. For example, many argue that automotive transport or indoor plumbing are not necessarily a benefit to specific developing countries. The daily treck of women gathering water by the river is not only a vital function of their society but a social excercise as well – where walking, laughter and community all take place.  Inventions like the reimagined water wheelbarrow are the result of a new line of thought around culturally sensitive innovation. 


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